Application of A.I. to electricity and other commodities

Supporting a national client (50M turnover) in assessing the root of the elements supporting its ability to outperform in the electricity sector and the prospects for consolidation and development of these elements.

Verification of the attribution of out-performance to stable competitive advantages over time, in particular the use of artificial intelligence to increase operating margins. Examination of the existence of the prerequisites for replicating this business model on commodities in the agri-food sector with the aim of creating reference marketplaces. Support in drafting the business plan for the growth and development of the company aimed at the activities for the IPO (AIM Italy).

Product acquisition and market share in veterinary medicine

Supporting a listed French client (300M turnover, Euronext Paris) in expanding into the Italian market and acquiring stable competitive advantages in the form of patents and legally protected intellectual property. Analysis of the national reference market and the drivers of supply and demand and redistribution of margins, the position of the client and competitors, prospects for return on investment. Selecting potential targets for acquisition and direct opening of dialogue. Examining the complementarity of business activities and the degree of integrability of the target. Negotiating acquisition.

Integration of fin-tech activities into a multinational group

Support for a national client (10M turnover), a leader in the development of software for the management of banking activities, in its merger with a larger operator working internationally (450M turnover). Definition of the company's competitive advantages with a view to their valorisation in the context of divestment; certification of the main products, return on investment and their potential for future development; evaluation of the company's current capital and justification of the metrics and findings in the context of the divestment; support in negotiating the sale and in post-acquisition integration with management roles.

Market positioning in the art sector

Supporting a Swiss client (15M turnover) in the reorganisation of its art production and sales activities with a view to maximising the return on investment. Efficiency analysis of the governance and international structure of the group and the jurisdictions of reference for the protection and exploitation of intellectual property. Evaluation of the competitive capacity of the artistic offer, the commercial channels, and the return of promotional locations. Identification of the strategy for the best competitive positioning, for the strengthening of the image on the market, the consequent increase of operating margins, and the reduction of the capital employed in the business activities.

Economies of scale in pasta production

Supporting a Spanish client (580M) in consolidating its economies of scale in production through the acquisition of a national company in bankruptcy proceedings. Valuation of the acquirable business assets and comparison of convenience with the agreed values. Quantification of the production synergies resulting from the purchase and the impact on group margins. Examination of the increase in the capacity for return on investment generated by the strengthening of the group in the market thanks to the historicity of the brands included in the scope of the acquisition. Negotiation of the acquisition of the company with the bodies of the bankruptcy procedure and with the credit institutions belonging to the creditors' group.

Innovation applied to oenological machinery

Support for the creation of an innovative start-up (fund raising 350k) operating in the sector of high-tech wine-making machinery aimed at reducing operating costs and increasing production capacity. Mirroring entrepreneurs in the validation of the actual capacity of return of innovation with respect to the receptivity of the reference market. Defining the company's physiognomy and business model in the form of a concept company for the innovative design of machinery and its commercialisation on the market. Creating of contractual joint ventures for the outsourcing of machinery production. Defining growth and development objectives (2M turnover in 5 years, ACGR YoY 15%) and establishing the necessary funding to start up the business.

Restarting activities in the production of multipurpose mechanical centres

Support for a Taiwanese group listed as an international leader in mechanics (3.0B turnover, Hong Kong Stock Exchange) in entering the European reference market through the acquisition of a historic company producing and marketing milling machines. Relief of assets from bankruptcy proceedings after drafting of business plan for restarting activities, negotiation with court bodies for purchase. Appointment to the board of directors with responsibility for corporate finance management. Supporting the integration and merger of activities into those of the reference group.

Independent director

Esercizio della funzione di amministratore indipendente in società operanti in diversi mercati (biotecnologie, fintech, macchine utensili, automotive, BPO business process outsourcing, etc.