Applying A.I. to electricity and other commodities - IPO (ITALY)

Providing support to an Italian client (350 million turnover) to assess how the elements that underpin its ability to outperform in the electricity sector are generated and the prospects for strengthening and developing such elements.

Strategic analysis of over-performance attributable to sustained competitive advantages in the long term, especially related to the use of artificial intelligence to boost operating margins. Checking whether suitable conditions exist to apply this business model also to commodities in the agri-food industry so as to set up target marketplaces. Providing assistance with drafting the company’s growth and development plan, aimed at IPO listing activities (AIM Italy)

Acquiring products Aand market share in veterinary sector - M&A (FRANCE/ITALY)

Providing support to a listed French client (300 million turnover, Euronext Paris) to expand into the Italian market and acquire sustained competitive advantages such as patents and intellectual property rights protected by law. Analysing the domestic target market and the factors driving supply and demand as well as margin redistribution, client and competitor positioning, and ROI prospects. Selecting potential targets for acquisition and engaging in direct dialogue. Examining whether business activities are complementary and the degree to which the target can be integrated. Negotiating for acquisition until closing

Integrating fin-tech activities in a multinational group - M&A (ITALY)

Providing support to an Italian client (10 million turnover), a leading developer of banking software, in merging with a larger company with international scope (450 million turnover). Defining the company’s competitive advantages in order to enhance them for the purpose of divestment; certifying the main products, their ROI capabilities and their potential for future development; evaluating the company’s current capital and explaining the metrics and findings as part of the divestment; assisting in the negotiation for the sale and post-acquisition integration with administrative roles

Market positioning in the art sector - Strategic analysis (SWITZERLAND)

Providing support to a Swiss client (15 million turnover) in reorganising its activities concerning the production and sale of works of art in order to maximise returns on investment. Analysing the efficiency of the group’s governance and international structure and of the related jurisdictions to protect and value intellectual property rights. Assessing the competitiveness of the artistic offering, commercial channels and the profitability of promotional venues. Finding the most effective strategy to improve competitive positioning and the company’s image on the market, leading to an increase in operating margins and less capital spent on business activities

Economies of scale in the production of food pastes - M&A (SPAIN)

Providing support to a Spanish client (580 million turnover) in strengthening its economies of scale in the manufacturing industry by acquiring a domestic company undergoing bankruptcy proceedings. Assessing which business activities to acquire and evaluating their convenience by comparing them with the bankruptcy agreement values. Quantifying production synergies arising from acquisition and the impact on the group’s margins. Examining the increased ROI capabilities that can be generated by strengthening the group’s position in the market based on the fact that the brands involved in the acquisition have a long-standing history. Negotiating the acquisition of the company with the parties involved in the insolvency proceedings and the credit institutions as creditors

Innovation applied to winemaking machinery - Fund Raising (ITALY)

Providing support to launch an innovative start-up (fund raising 350,000) operating in the field of high-tech winemaking machinery with the aim of reducing operating costs and increasing production capacity. Mirroring for entrepreneurs when validating actual return on innovation with regard to the receptiveness of the target market. Defining the corporate identity and business model as a concept company specialising in designing innovative machinery and bringing it to market. Establishing contractual joint ventures to outsource the production of machinery. Setting growth and development goals (2 million turnover in 5 years, CAGR YoY 15%) and providing the funding required to launch business activities

Strategic analysis and horizontal integration in office furniture production - M&A (ITALY)

Analysing and checking whether sustained long-term competitive advantages exist, as well as the company’s positioning in the current and future market. Analysing the value creation strategies implemented by shareholders and management. Finding a target company in order to complement the company’s offering and enter a new market by building on in-house skills and expertise, improving the industrial margin

Strategic analysis and repositioning of a hight-end restaurant Chain - (USA)

Providing support to a US-based company in the high-end restaurant industry in repositioning its brand and expanding its chain of restaurants in the USA. Redefining the format and business model, analysing the relevant competitive environment for market repositioning, planning the organisational structure in order to support business scalability, and seeking an industrial and financial partner for implementing the expansion