We assist the CEOs and general management of our clients in achieving or consolidating their companies' leading positions in the relevant sectors and in expanding these positions in new sectors of interest

Analysis of the
target market

The reference market is represented by analysing and reconstructing the dynamics of supply and demand, the role of its actors, and the characteristics of the competitive scenario. The focus is on the existence and allocation of competitive advantages, on the qualitative and quantitative drivers of demand evolution (consumer expectations, income, prices, elasticity), on the drivers characterising supply (production costs, technology, prices, government policies) and on the mechanisms of margin allocation in the market

Strengthening of competitive

The strengthening of the client's competitive position in the reference market is achieved through the development of strategies aimed at the creation or consolidation of competitive advantages, identifying those most closely related to the reference context (patents and protected intellectual property, exclusive access to production factors, economies of scale, consolidated consumer habits, consumer loyalty, network effect, etc.)

Action plan,
business plans and
supporting M&A

The implementation of the strategies is based on action plans aimed at declining them through the endogenous (volume growth by internal push) and exogenous (growth through targeted acquisitions of targets or stipulation of joint venture agreements and related extraordinary operations) aspects of growth and development. Support in extraordinary transactions is offered from greenfield start-up to post-closure integration. The efficiency of growth is also periodically monitored by measuring the return on the resources allocated in order to evaluate possible divestments of assets or business divisions that are not considered sufficiently efficient