Strategic Analysis

We help CEOs and general management to attain or solidify a leading position in their target sectors in order to subsequently expand into new markets and fields of interest

We participate in corporate strategic committees as independent advisors

Analysis of the
target market

The target market is analysed by looking at supply and demand trends, the role of its players and the features of the competitive arena in which the company operates. Emphasis is placed on having and distributing competitive advantages, on the qualitative and quantitative factors driving changes in demand (consumer expectations, incomes, prices and elasticity), on the factors affecting supply (production costs, technology, prices and government policies) and on how margins are allocated in the market

Strengthening enterprise competitiveness

Corporate competitiveness can be strengthened by developing strategies that are intended to create or enhance competitive advantages, focusing on the ones most relevant to the target arena (patents and protected intellectual property, exclusive access to production factors, economies of scale, established consumer habits, consumer loyalty, network effect, etc.)

and resulting action plan

By conducting a strategic analysis, and based on the findings of the PHI INDEX, action plans are prepared in order to promote growth and development activities, whether endogenous (volume growth stemming from an internal push) or exogenous (growth through targeted acquisitions of targets or stipulation of joint venture agreements and related extraordinary operations). Assistance is provided in the subsequent extraordinary transactions and covers the whole process, from greenfield start-up to post-closing integration